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Internship Triumph Studios

In late 2014 I started an internship at Triumh Studios and worked on their title Age of Wonders III. During that time I was assigned to bug fixing and porting some of their tools over for their in-house engine.

Working on these tasks gave me a deep insight into the architecture and inner workings of their software, allowing me the expand my knowledge in those fields.

Graduation IGAD

In the summer of 2015 I graduated from IGAD at the NHTV University of Breda ( Now known as Breda University of Applied Sciences ) officialy starting my professional career in Game Development as a programmer.

Throughout my education I was taught to be result driven. Along with every student I was thrown into the deep end that forced us all to come up with solutions. We were taught to be self reliant and independent in a variety of programming subjects.

Atlantis Games

After graduating I entered the field of Serious Game development through Atlantis Games where I worked for a little over 3 years. During these years I worked on a large variety of projects ranging from mobile games for kids to VR applications for institutions and governments.

Working at Atlantis Games requires you to be responsible for the entire project you are assigned to. This way you're exposed to a large array of problems, solutions and experiences that are common place in game development and business.

Hello World;

Games have always facinated me. Not just the experience they offer, but also the technology that drives them. I've been programming since I was 15 years old and graduated at NHTV IGAD in 2015 to turn a hobby into a proffesion as a video game programmer.

After working for several years in the field of Serious Games I'm now looking for a new challenge.

Below you can find my work experience.

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My Work

Rens van der Meijs

Video Game Programmer | Composer

For contact details refer to CV

Field Experience

Game DevelopmentProficient5 Years
Mobile Game DevelopmentExperienced2 Years
Front-End DevelopmentExperienced2 Years
Back-End DevelopmentExperienced2 Years
VRProficient3 Years
ARExperienced1 Year

Programming Languages

C/C++Proficient8 Years
C#Experienced5 Years
GLSLExperienced2 Years
BasicExperienced1 Year
HTMLProficient5 Years
PHPExperienced3 Years
mySQLExperienced3 Years
Javascript/JQueryExperienced2 Years
CSSExperienced2 Years

Programming APIs

OpenGLExperienced2 Years
OpenCLExperienced1 Year
Win32Experienced3 Years
ASIO*Experienced1 Year
SFMLExperienced1 Year
Qt 5.xExperienced1 Year

Development Software

Visual StudioProficient10 Years
Unity3D 3.5 - 5.xExperienced6 Years
Tortoise SVNProficient4 Years
BlenderExperienced1 Year
MonoDevelopExperienced3 Years
CodeBlocksExperienced1 Year
Conitec Gamestudio A8Experienced2 Years

Other Software

Cubase 9.5Proficient6 Years
AudacityProficient2 Years
Sony VegasProficient4 Years
After EffectsProficient4 Years
Microsoft OfficeProficient6 Years

* Steinberg API, not to be confused with ASIO networking.



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